5 reasons why you should go to Nepal

Nepal used to be one of the most popular dream destinations, with Kathmandu part of the hippie trail and world renowned treks. But with years and political problems, people started avoiding the country, and this year’s earthquakes aggravated the touristic issue even more. Everybody canceled their trip and now everybody is asking the question on forums : is it safe ?

Yes ! It is safe. Although the people are still getting back from the tragedy, the buses, trains, and treks are available again. Everything is set for the return of tourism, they are waiting for us, but we are slow to respond. To kickstart things, here are 5 reasons why you should go to Nepal in 2016 :

1. It’s still there and it’s beautiful.

Close your eyes, can you see the mountains ? The temples ? The fall colors, or the snow on the peaks, or even the fields blanketed with bright flowers ?

Well it’s still there. Whatever the earthquake destroyed, seasons and natural beauty are still going strong. Some temples and buildings are not yet rebuilt, it’s true, but you still have more than enough to fill your eyes with a tone of wonders.

2. They need you.

Just you going there is helping. Tourism is a big part of the nepalese economy and since it started slowing down, people over there are in trouble.

For you, Nepal is one of the cheapest country ever, but for the locals, a good season could make a big difference.

3. A good life lesson.

I guess I won’t be able to measure how right I am on this one until I actually come back from Nepal, but just reading about it is making all my troubles seem small. The community is getting back up from the earthquake tragedy with such an attitude … just be humbled.

4. Experience a first rate destination as an off the beaten path adventurer.

Nepal used to be very crowded. In high season, the trails could be literally covered with lines of people. If you’re not a fan of crowds, like me, now is the perfect time to go. You’ll feel like an off the beaten path adventurer, daring to go to Nepal, and finding places to enjoy for yourself, where once you would have been lost in a noisy crowd.

5. Amazing travel and a good deed all in one.

And why not take this opportunity for experiencing volunteering ? Beautiful surroundings, amazing travel and a good deed all in one : that’s the recipe for a happy traveler.

Le it be official, I’m going to Nepal in March, if you have any tips or volunteering programs to share with me, or if you’ll be around yourself, leave a note in the comment section !

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