Safari in Etosha National Park

I’d done a game walk before, which was both scary and amazing, but Etosha National Park in Namibia was my very first game drive. And this safari in Etosha delivered big time! I’d heard before that it was very easy to see animals there, and it was all true. You can’t drive 10 minutes without spotting some elephants or giraffes feeding on the small bush on the side of the road.

I have not much to say about Etosha, because there’s really nothing to say, but everything to see. So I tried to select my best pictures from the two days I spent there so you can enjoy a bit of the bush as well.

The camera I use, my trusted Canon Powershot, is amazing but has practically no zoom. This way, you know when you look at the pictures that the animals were actually that close!

Every water hole is the stage for the big game of life, where species come and go, trying not to get eaten by the bigger animals.

Part of what makes viewing animals so easy there is how flat and dry Etosha is. There’s no big trees, only small bush, and, especially in the dry season, animals have to come out often to drink at the few waterholes. The park is also mostly made of a giant white salt pan that most animals won’t dare to cross.

I’m still missing a leopard to check the Big 5 off my list, but I’m so happy with all the animals I got to see at Etosha!

You can explore Etosha with your own car or you can join a tour. I visited the park with Acacia Africa, and my favorite part about that was the place were we camped. In the middle of the parc there’s a place called Okaukuejo Camp, and it was the most amazing accommodation ever! At the edge of the camp, there’s a water hole.

Around the water hole, there’s a lot of benches and places to observe quietly what’s going on. At night, a red light comes on so you can keep watching the animals without disturbing them.

How can I say this … it’s like watching TV, like Game of Thrones, but in real life. The animals are coming there very slowly, always ready to bolt should a predator show up.

Elephants come by dozens and the bulls fight for their family’s right to access water. One night, a bunch of giraffes were drinking cautiously, when suddenly the cries of hyenas resounded all around the water hole in the darkness. The giraffes stopped drinking and stayed still and wide eyed for several minutes. Chills!

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