Top 5 countries that are CHEAP and SAFE

Two questions I hear coming back often are « How to find enough money to travel ? » and « How to stay safe in foreign countries ? ».

As a solo female traveler on a tight budget, I’m confronted with the same issues. So here is a list of countries that are both cheap and safe.


You can’t go wrong with Thailand. As far as cheap and friendly locals go, South East Asia is the best. It’s also a place full of backpackers, so you won’t feel too lost and are bound to make quick friends. There’s cities, magnificent beaches, delicious food, … there’s a reason why a lot of travelers chose Asia as their first destination !

It’s neighbors, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia, could have made the rest of this list, but I wanted to make it a bit more diverse.


Despite the political disturbances (and the more recent earthquake), Nepal is still a very safe place to go. The locals are very welcoming, and it’s the perfect country for trekkers looking for amazing sceneries. In season, I can guarantee you won’t be alone on the trail.


Volcanoes, beaches, surf, … Nicaragua is becoming a more and more popular destination, especially for young people. It’s also the safest place in central America, so enjoy !


Bolivia is cheap and safest than it’s neighbor Peru. It’s a beautiful and wild country and the place to get in touch with latin american culture. The locals are very proud of this culture that is in danger of disappearing and so might appear a little less welcoming to strangers, but don’t let that make you miss out on this adventure !


If you don’t linger too much in Sofia, your budget will be glad you came to Bulgaria. Although a very negative view surrounds eastern Europe, Bulgaria is a very safe country to visit and a good starting point to discover the wealth of culture of the Balkans.

Remember though, there are pickpockets and bad people everywhere in the world (except maybe Antarctica ?) but in a « safe » country it’s easy to avoid trouble by adopting some simple safety rules !

If you can think of other cheap and safe countries, don’t hesitate to comment to help fellow travelers plan their trip !

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